• 6 amazing User Experience tips for a robust eCommerce Sales flow

6 amazing User Experience tips for a robust eCommerce Sales flow

Posted By Max Mobility
On 05-Aug-2021
  • Ecommerce

In a post-Covid world that is suddenly veering towards personalization, the touchstone behind the tremendous popularity of eCommerce is the fact that it allows you to customize every step of your buyer journey.

A flawless User Interface design could be your competitive edge over similar websites. From prompting decisions with myriad Call-to-Action buttons to setting up the entire functionality of your eCommerce website, your UI design could hold the master key to your eCommerce website success. To finetune every aspect of your user journey, you need a keen eye for details and an agile vision. From seamless navigation between categories to CTA buttons at strategic points within a webpage, it is attention to these minute details that sets the best eCommerce platforms apart.

With decades of experience under our belt as Digital Transformation experts, we at MaxMobility believe that we have cracked the formula for a flawless User Experience on your eCommerce website.

Here’s a peek at the basics to get you started:

  1. Quick Loading Speed
In today’s digital arena, ‘Google’ability is everything! So, what does Google have to say about evaluating the page experience of an eCommerce website?

Surveys show that even a 2-second delay in website loading time has resulted in abandonment rates skyrocketing to almost 87%.

In a business world that is pivoting around immediacy and promptness, keeping your website loading time within 1-2 seconds is your stepping stone to creating a flawless User experience on your website.

  1. Personalize recommendations & prompt them towards related items
Can you imagine the value of having a customer recommend and advertise your products?

With a little bit of strategic planning, you could make full use of it to add five stars to your User Experience! Not only does it testify for your product quality but with the ‘Users also bought’ recommendation, you are prompting your visitors towards related products that they might find interesting.

That’s how you can use eCommerce to your advantage - by not only fulfilling customer demands but also creating a need for a few more products simply by adding some valuable tweaks to your user journey!

  1. ‘Drop a Hint’ is the ‘special sauce’ for a memorable shopping experience
The ‘Drop a Hint’ option has been helping Tiffany & Co. make their buyer journey extra-special for a while now!

 But it does not just end there. When you add such innovations to your eCommerce website, you are not only boosting user experience but also adding value to your email marketing campaigns! With the personalized data at your fingertips, you can custom-tailor your emails as per consumer history and preferences!

The ‘Drop a Hint’ feature also seems to have done wonders for driving up eCommerce website traffic because users can share their recommendations with others easily. And what’s more convincing than buyer recommendations, right?

  1. You can never go wrong with a 360-degree product display
  One of the biggest customer inhibitions regarding eCommerce websites is the inability to view, touch, and feel the product that they are purchasing. But the real value of a business idea lies in turning the challenges into success notes!

You can add that extra edge to your e-Commerce website by providing a comprehensive product display and specifications so complete that your users are able to build 100% faith on your products.

By analyzing this customer inhibition, you can turn a shortcoming of eCommerce websites in general to a nodal success point for your specific eCommerce website!

For instance, when Excel Interior Wallpapers chose us as their Digital Transformation partner, we left no stones unturned in creating the perfect eCommerce platform for them. With hundreds of categories and thousands of product samples to choose from, turning this nationwide company’s product gallery into a success is a transformation we are proud of:    
  1. Agile & innovative upselling/cross-selling tactics
  If boosting sales numbers is the primary goal of your eCommerce enhancements, you already know the importance of unique upselling and cross-selling techniques.

Make your customers spend more on your website by newer upselling tactics such as displaying better quality products or enticing them with the benefits of related items that are priced higher.

Once again, your classic cross-selling move could be to prompt them towards related products to give rise to a need & fulfilling it with the best fit.

  1. Create a consistent Omnichannel Experience
One of the biggest ways to build brand trust is to maintain a consistent quality across platforms!

Let’s face it, your customers are everywhere. And you run the risk of losing out on a considerably large market by not being present on all platforms. With Digital Transformation in its wake, brands have already adopted an omnichannel presence.

But the work does not just end there. The real work lies in creating a unified and uniform omnichannel eCommerce experience that builds brand trust and leaves a lasting impression in your buyers’ minds! To achieve this level of consistency across platforms, you need to carefully consider brand message, voice, tone, display, and seamless payment options.

Do not confuse your customers with different versions of your unique proposition on different platforms.

The foundational value of a personalized shopping experience lies in consistency. Ensure that you are maintaining that across all platforms.

The world of eCommerce is never at a standstill. It is an almost ever-evolving organic cosmos that needs your constant attention to stay updated.

Let’s look at how a few right tweaks can completely change the flow of your UX design:


That’s why we at MaxMobility believe that the finest details matter while optimizing your User Experience journey! With decades of experience in being agile Digital Transformation partners to notable brands across the globe, we can help you navigate the changing business seas with experience-driven dexterity and ease! Take the first step towards booming eCommerce success by ringing us up on +91 33 2324 5925!